Selling a spec is a lot like fishing.

Selling a spec screenplay is a lot like fishing.

I had just done a mass send out of query letters for my latest screenplay. I had received multiple rejections immediately days following. This in the fishing world, were line tangles. They happen quickly and although frustrating, you somehow manage to untangle the line and keep fishing. That’s what I did. I took it all with a grain of salt and waited for the other forty five or so to respond.

Two weeks flashed past. I had caught no fish. I had no responses.

And when I least expected it….

My email notification went off. I got a bite. It was a response from one of those agencies, wanting to read my screenplay. Now this is when I began to fight the fish and I sent out my script immediately. Generally speaking fighting a fish takes  fifteen seconds to a couple of minutes; the bigger, the harder they are to bring in. But the waiting game for a response on a script read may take weeks, sometimes months. But that’s what makes it fun. I have no idea how big this fish is and all my desires and passions that were poured into this screenplay could possibly land me something big. But I don’t know, because I’m still fighting. The fish could brake the line and never respond. Or I can real it in and it could be the smallest fish I had ever seen. All I know is that I’ll keep reeling and keep fighting, because I have no choice.

It may not be my trophy but at least I’ll always have another cast. Another script. Another chance.


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