Dont Break The Chain; it’s a life changer

What do you want to do with your life? And how will you get there?

Months and months ago I was writing only when I could; I mainly wrote weekdays, allowing myself to have weekends off. But — whenever I read advice from successful screenwriters/writers, they always said the same thing ” write every day” — to be successful. I wanted to write everyday, but wasn’t willing to make the proper sacrifices to do so.

That was until I came across DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN. It was made popular from comedian/writer/actor Jerry Seinfeld.  Jerry created his own way of getting work done. What he would do was sit down and write every day, and then after the work was done, he would cross off the day, creating an X on the calendar. After repetitive days of doing so, it would create a chain of X’s. If say he didn’t write that day, he couldn’t put an X and therefore he BROKE THE CHAIN! It was a way for him to keep track and make sure he was getting work done. His main mission: Don’t  Break The Chain.

We all have something we want to do. We have dreams and aspirations to be somebody. I think I speak for the most part of the population. Now in order to get there, we have to take the proper steps. If you’re an athlete, you have to practice your sport. If you wanted to lose weight you have to exercise.  Anyone can accomplish their goals; they just have to be willing to sacrifice time and energy. I believe that.

It’s been over five months since I’ve started Don’t Break The Chain. I am proud to say, my chain has yet to be broken. I can say there have been bad days, some better than most, where I write more lines than the day before. But I know, I sat down and wrote, and was able to put an X through the day.

This practice doesn’t only work for writers, but for anyone with a goal. The hard part is finding the daily tasks you can do to reach your goal; that’s something that you’ll have to figure out.

Things you’ll need:

1. Calendar (perhaps one that is themed with your goal)

2. Red Marker (or Black)

3. Your life’s desire (what do you want to do? and how will you do it every day?)

That is all. Now it’s up to YOU to NOT break the chain. DBC.

One day at a time. That’s all it takes.

Here is a link to download your very own free don’t break the chain calendar.


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