Three things that lead to success. You need two.

To succeed, you need two of the next three things. If you got all three, consider yourself successful.

1. Talent. Ah, you were born with god given ability to run fast. Great hand-eye coordination and lighting quick feet. You have physical talent! Someday you’ll be playing a professional sport. You can draw, your pencil just recreates images from life onto paper. You don’t have to try hard to impress people, the talent comes very easy. But even the talented can’t make it in this world without one of the next two.

2. Hard work. You practice your art every day. You struggle to be good, but on a consistent basis make progress to accomplish your short term goals, therefore accomplishing your long term goals. Every waking second, you think about what needs to be done, entering a world where nothing else matters but working hard to get “there”.  They say hard work pays off, but sometimes it just doesn’t. You need one of the other two to make it anywhere, let’s hope you got it.

3. Luck. The key variable in this equation.  Fate has taken over and seems to be playing in your favor. Your decisions, sometimes stupid, still pay off. Things just go right for you, even when you least expect it. Timing is everything. But even when you’re lucky, if you don’t got talent or hard work, you better just start playing the lotto < which is a bad idea.

Let’s examine the combinations:

Talent + Hard work. This is the preferred combination. We leave luck out, not letting fate rule our success. We are naturally gifted individuals that strive every day to get better. Over time, things fall into place and success seems inevitable.

Talent + Luck. You got talent and now you’re lucky. You don’t have to do much because things fall on your lap, it happens quickly, you’re so damn talented that it all works out.

Hard work + Luck. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, this how most of Hollywood has made it — seeing how many bad movies are getting made.  But they worked hard (harder than you) and crossed their fingers, hoping for the best. They’re there and we aren’t. This combo may be the only chance you and I got.

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Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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