Handy Dandy Notebook; it’s something “Blue’s Clues” taught me.

If you were a kid in the late nineties to the early…. 2000’s or whatever, then you’re familiar with the show Blue’s Clues. It was decent show; that was until Steve left and his brother took over….

There was a good lesson I took from that show and I think everyone else should too… and it wasn’t that a saltshaker and a peppershaker could have “kids” (how would that even work?)

Lesson: Carry around a notebook.

In Blue’s Clues, un-animated human character, Steve, has this small pocket sized notebook called ” The Handy Dandy Notebook”.  And let me tell you it was sure dandy. See when Steve and his blue dog would go searching for clues to solve the day’s mystery, they would always write(draw) down the clue. This was crucial to solving Blue’s problems. With out this notebook, they would had never remembered — all of those clues (3). Steve and Blue had it all figured out. This method had eliminated a lot of stress and later on when they all regrouped at the chair, they could easily review their clues, piecing them together and thus solving the mystery! Without this notebook, plenty of mysteries could have gone unsolved.

It’s hard to remember everything, especially when you got a lot of going on and that’s about everyone. To help eliminate the stress of trying to remember, I carry around a small notepad that I keep in my back pocket. When I come up with an idea, character, concept, scene, etc — I write it down. Whatever it is, even if it has just a sliver of hope, I write it down.

Now this doesn’t only work for the struggling screenwriter, it can also work for the full time working man. Example: Wife tells you to pick up milk after work. Often you forget, causing a fight, possibly leading to a divorce.

Next time, write it down! Trust me, this works.

I must note, I don’t only use this notebook method to remember “great” ideas, but I also use it for normal daily life. I find myself jotting down spending, gift ideas, things to do, work list (at my job place), funnies, things to buy, etc…. It goes on and on.

These notebooks are cheap. I find a three pack at the dollar store for only a buck. You’ll need three, they wear out easy.

I have been doing this for a while now and can say it really helps. If you find yourself struggling to remember, your mind seems like a jumbled mess or say you had this great idea and for some reason it’s no where to be found, well go find a notepad, put it in your back pocket and next time, write it down.

Special thanks to Blue the dog and Steve, where ever you are, for the inspiration of this blog.


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