Saving your work. The obsessive paranoia of a corrupt file

I couldn’t imagine what it was like for a writer to save their work before computers. Imagine how devastating a fire could had been or a flood….oh lord.

Now with the advances in computers and memory storage, writer’s seem a little bit less paranoid of losing their work to a catastrophic disaster. Well then again…

We still have fires. floods, but now we have, viruses, corrupt files, technical errors. human errors. blah blah blah….I think it’s gotten worse.

I don’t know about you, but I am very paranoid about losing a hard days work.  If  it’s happen to you, you understand why; I was broken, like three days of work, completely lost, and I had a REAL hard time trying to get it back, to reconstruct it and build it up yet again. It’s emotionally draining.

But I remain okay to this day. I continue to write everyday and I continue to save everything I can. And with further advances on backing up your material, the paranoia, the obsession , the insecurity, is a little less than what it used to be.

You’ve just written your finest lines in the past five weeks. You save it — “Save as”. Then “yes” on “overwrite”. You got it, it’s saved. Ahhhh feels better…

You know what? I better save it one more time to my portable flash drive and my external hard drive. You save it four, maybe seven more times — just in case. You even go back and open it and see if everything is there.

Ahhh it’s there. Now I can “exit” out. It’s asking me if I want to “save”? Wait, I didn’t save it? I thought I saved it. Why would it ask me again? Better do it another six times just in case.

This can be such a process, a time consuming matter that can occur every time you attempt to retreat from your desk. But trust me it doesn’t have too.

Here’s what I use…

DROPBOX. It’s a online free storage, where you place a “Dropbox” file on your computer and every-time you save in this file, it automatically syncs it up with a folder online. It’s great. I think I get about 2 GB  of memory for FREE, that’s plenty to store the last two years of work;  word documents take up about zero amount of space. I also use this to transfer files to another location. My printer sucks, so I use a friends. I’ll often log onto my online “Dropbox” via internet, on his computer and upload the file to print. WA LA! SO easy…..and it’s online, and nothing can destroy that… But if something does, I always have this to back it up…

External Hardrive. It’s one TB. I know, a lot of memory. I back up everything on here, not just my writing. It’s hooked up to my computer, so when I save anything, it’s easily accessible. It’s small and capable of moving at fast speeds when needed. Meaning if there is an emergency,  I could be easily remove it to avoid any disaster.


FIREMAN ” Sir you can’t go in there, there’s a fire!”

ME ” I have to, my hard drive is in there, and by god I can’t let that burn!”

Portable USB Flash Drive. This is most popular way of backing up your files among the English.  What’s nice, is that you can carry it around, not only do you feel kool, but it’s very accessible at any moments notice.  24/7 all day, every moment, of every second you can have your work attached to you. That soothes the paranoia…

Email. The cheap way and I think underrated way, if these were rated. Just email the file to yourself. It will be in your email until you delete it. Before Dropbox I use to do this and then save the email in another folder. It worked like a charm. And eased my pain…

These are all good options to save your work. And I hope they cure your insecurity of losing your files. SO, unless a flaming computer virus hits the internet via my computer, then somehow links to my USB and breaks into my Email, deleting every file in site…. I think I’ll be okay. For now.

The good stuff always sticks anyways…    SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE


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