Progress Makes Perfect.

I cleaned out my desk the other day. Where deep in back I had some screenplays that I had written a couple years back, when I first attempted to write movies.

I think writers are always changing. If you look at some of the most famous authors, you’ll see their writing change through out their career.

I see it like a infant. They say  the mental capacity in which we take in the first six years of life, is more than we will take in for the remainder. Our brain is like a sponge. Then as we age, it dries up. Not taking in as much.

I can compare that with screenwriting. Those first couple of years, we produce crap, just like a baby, but slowly and surely, we learn. We learn formatting. Story. Structure. We find our voice; we learn how to talk.

And that’s what these screenplays were: Garbage.

This specific script, I remember being so excited about it. I couldn’t wait for people to read it. I was so damn proud, I was telling everyone about the story, about the theme and major plot points.  And when it was  finally complete (9+months) I handed it out like I had created a masterpiece. That was clearly not the case. I had no idea.

It was shit. Plain and simple. And not just the story, or structure, but the writing itself. Grammar errors, sentence structure, everything was just bad.

I had to smile. Because I look at my work now  and see the major strides I have made in the last years. It’s truly amazing. Sure I  still  have a long way to go, but just to see progress helps me keep wanting to get better.  If there’s progress, then that’s all that matters. Because eventually you’ll get there.

I can now understand why bodybuilders do the before and after shots. They want to see their progress. Well that’s my advice to you today: Go back and look at something you had done. Compare it to now. Is it better? I hope so. And if it is…you’re doing something right. Keep doing it. Progress makes perfect; eventually.


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