Hire your own personal boss or Be your own boss. The choice is yours.

I’m in search of someone who can be my own personal boss. He or she would be like any other normal boss. Demanding. Inspiring. Downright straight to the point.

See if I had my own personal boss, I work get so much more work done. The obligation to work would become so much easier — I would have a boss to report to. I would be obligated to be productive.

” Hoxie, I need that script on my desk Monday at 8am. No excuses.”

My boss would could keep focused.

” Listen, I’ve noticed a lot of your online activity is on Facebook and other social networking. Your page count isn’t meeting the weekly quota, let’s step it up!”

He or she would catch me sleeping at my desk.

” If you want to succeed at this job, you can’t be taking naps during work hours. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you! ”

My boss would push me.

” Uh, yeah. This week was slow for you. I’m going to have you come in Saturday and work on that scene.  Mmmk?”

My boss would  inspire me.

” Listen, Robert, this script you turned in, was fabulous. Let’s start working on that idea you had two months ago, I really think there is something there.”

If I couldn’t meet my boss’ standards then I could get ” fired “. And no one wants to get fired.

See this is the thing with writing for “free” — Writing for the sake of chasing a dream is tough when you’re not getting paid. When there’s no one saying you have to do it. Someday I’ll actually have a boss, in the shape of a producer or a production company, who I will report to. Hopefully. They’ll have deadlines, basic demands, standards. I’ll have to meet those. Then and only  will writing be a job in which I’ll have to do. Until then it’s strictly on my own merits.

That’s what separates this from a normal job. You go to work because  you have an OBLIGATION. I have no obligation to writing. The only obligation is to myself.

And that my friends is the secret to being productive. Have an obligation to yourself. BE YOU OWN BOSS. Because that’s why you’re doing what you want to do. It’s for you and no one else.

When you don’t reach your goals, you have a bad day. Be disappointed in yourself. Feel like shit. You failed. You deserve it. But remember there’s another day tomorrow, where you can still strive, and get it all back. That’s what separates the “strivers” from the rest. We feel that guilt of not doing what we should. If you don’t feel that failure, that utter guilt, then you’re not doing it right. And obviously  it isn’t important enough to feel bad about it anyway…

You owe it to you. Feel obligated. You have too.

Or you could always hire your own personal boss. $.

Published by robhox

Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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