THE BIG WEST. It’s an Indie Western.

Earlier this summer I went to a fellow film making friend of mine, Mr. Gus Péwé, and told him that I would like to invest and produce his next movie — It was called THE BIG WEST. The script, I got to say it, was nothing special. Nothing to flip a lid about. It was brief. Short. Straight to the point. I wasn’t worried one bit.  This was how most of Gus’ scripts were. He had all that visual stuff in his head….waiting to come out on-screen.

Gus and I met in high school, where he was three grades below me. I think it’s safe to say we hit it off, mainly due to the fact we loved the same thing: Film. I graduated and Gus went on to make the short film  THE THREE VIVID DREAMS — eventually winning an award and tuition to the Interlochen Arts academy in Northern Michigan. Gus was always talented, but it wasn’t until this movie, where I really began to believe in his ability to direct an original film.

At school, he went on to direct a senior thesis project MY FAVORITE PLANET, which has since appeared at multiple festivals. During this period Gus and I had kept in good contact. But had never collaborated on much, due to the fact we’re on different sides of  the spectrum when it comes to ” genre” and ” story”. Our styles remain very different.

After Interlochen, he enrolled in the liberal arts school Denison in Ohio. There he made another short THIS VACUUM IS TOO LOUD. The film was recently a winner of the The Hammer to Nail Film Contest and is set to appear in multiple film festivals around the country. Gus was on his way. I enjoyed his success as much as he did.

This is when I decided to invest and produce Gus’ next film THE BIG WEST. With Gus at the helm as director, there was no doubt, we as a team were going to make something special.

With his creativity and my resources, we could really put something together that could further both our careers.

And that’s what exactly we did. Or that’s exactly what we have done.

THE BIG WEST is a tough one to put into words. It combines a western, science fiction, a buddy-journey story, with moments of comedy — See that’s another thing Gus is so talented at. He always said, ” I hate the idea of genres”.

This film is low-budget. Using our well-trained, very talented friends,  preparing our resources with vigilance, we shot the movie in a long 10 days. We have since put together a rough cut and I’m proud to say the investment was well worth it —  We made a movie. To me, nothing is more satisfying.

We have yet to set a release date for the film. As we are preparing for a local theater release. We’re working on a cut for the trailer, various marketing techniques and already started thinking about our next project — “Same Ghost Every Night”.

We’re creating. We’re striving. We’re trying. “Writer, director” at one time sounded great. But now I’m liking to sound of ” Writer, Producer”.

I always say, ” Surround yourself with people who inspire you, and there’s no telling what you’ll come up with”. I’m glad I met Gus.

Gus Péwé – Director

Tommy Colangelo – Original Music


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