Forced words are better than no words.

I come across a lot of writers that love to write. They are talented, gifted individuals who work hard at what they do. It’s really too bad what they do — isn’t writing at all.

Hey, I know how they feel. Too busy. Got other things to do. It’s hard to sit down and write. I understand all that. I was once in their shoes, always wanting to write, but never doing it as much as I wanted. This is merely a combination of procrastination and fear.

But then I began to force myself. I just did it. There was no thought or process. I just made sure I got words on paper, because forced words are better than no words.

Sure some of it sucked. Actually most of it sucked, but I was writing. That’s all that mattered.

I have days that I concentrate on certain projects. Than other days where I find something ” fun” to write. This usually occurs on the weekends, when I give myself less time to write with more to do. I sit down and  open a new file.

Sometimes I wing it. Or sometimes I look back into some story folders, searching for a sliver of something inspirational. Let me tell you, most of the time I don’t find anything worth doing. Sometimes I do. When I don’t, I pick the one with the most legs and go!

This usually results in a short script that are never finished. I have about thirty of these. Ones with no endings, no real idea, basic starting points, ending nowhere in sight. But again those were forced words. And that’s soooo much better than no words at all.

On rare occasions those forced words turn into words from the heart. They just spill out of me. Once I make it past the first couple of pages, suddenly I’m not “winging” it anymore. I keep a pen handy because my thoughts are moving faster than I can type. Before I know it, I have something I’m very proud of. Pre-writing who?!

I soon adapted this practice as ” free writing”. It was a good exercise I did on weekends when I took a refresher off my main projects that I worked on relentlessly during the week. The point of this free write was to write — merely exercising the brain. I take no days off and this was a perfect way to keep my mind moving.
Those unfinished scripts often come into play at later days. Sometimes that opening scene would pop in my head and suddenly I have a direction of where I want to take it. There I go. Suddenly I have another finished piece. Another sample. Another day of writing. And that’s all that matters.


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