Treat it like a job and it becomes a job.

I once posted about making writing an obligation to yourself. I compared it to the day job and how having this obligation to work and make money makes it a lot easier to get things done.

When that’s what I’ve done with writing. Not only do I set a schedule for my daily writing goals, but I make sure to treat it like my job. I’m my own boss –another blog about that.

See there are problems with this. Writing has slowly but surely become something I  dread doing. It’s a job! It’s time-consuming, stressful and if I wasn’t so committed at this point, I’d toss it out the window and go to the NFL like I had planned.

Saying that, I love to look back and see all the progress I’ve made with the writing and everything I’ve gotten done.  It makes it all worth it. Treating writing  like a job was the best career move I’ve ever made.

This is how you should all treat it.  That’s what you want to do right? You want to be a writer? Right? Well I know, I won’t be satisfied until I get paid to do what I want to do.

Do you honestly think professional writers sit around, watching TV, eating hot pockets, waiting for inspiration?  Heck no. They wake up at 4am and hit the computer. They clock in. And write.  They have an obligation. People to impress. Deadlines to make. It’s their job. It’s the reason they are getting paid for what they do.

My advice is to beat the paycheck to the punch and make writing your job — your profession. You’ll not only be more productive, but will put your career on the fast track.

Are you an amateur? Turn Pro. It can start today.


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