Embrace the Blank Page.

I’m an explorer, telling a story.  This blank page is my map and I can draw it any way I want.

I’ve come across a lot of advice on facing the ” blank page”. The fear and how to overcome it.

I say — Why are writers so scared of the blank page?

To me, the blank page is the best. It’s the ultimate. The blank page is when your story is the most “fresh” in the coolest terms.

It’s the starting point in which your whole “reality” is born. That’s not scary. That’s exciting.

The options are limitless. You have so many choices. The power is yours.  That’s what writing is all about.

When I open that new Final Draft document, I’m extremely happy. I can’t wait. I have outlined, noted, jotted, formed, brainstormed and researched for the past 6 weeks (okay, I lied, 2 weeks.). The words can’t wait to flow. Every-line I write is something new — Something that hasn’t been said or done before.  It’s the last moment when the story has originality. It’s pure and unforsaken. Of course, 6 more weeks down the road, you want to burn it, you’re so sick of it.

You want that blank page.  Chase it. When you think you’re ready to write, wait an extra couple of days. Build it up. So when you do sit down to begin, that blank page doesn’t live for long. Disappearing in moments.

What’s sad about the blank page is you only get one true shot at it. With my experience, once you’ve written that first scene, the rewrites, the changes, always seem to be influenced by that first draft. There’s a reason for that.

The blank page is new land. Uncharted turf — for you to run all over. Don’t be scared. There is so much more you should be worrying about. What scares me, is the rewrite. That’s another topic.

Embrace the blank page. Be an explorer.


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Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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