Write one. Rewrite the last. Outline the next.

Oh how times have changed.

Remember when you were only working on one thing? The last I remember, it was in high school, on a science project; I concentrated on that baby for a week. It turned out pretty good.

Yeah those days are over.

I’ve heard this a lot — Many writers work on two-three things at the same time. Especially when it comes to screenwriting.

I have grown to love this practice. Some writers will say they don’t get the most out of the project. That’s just not true. You should always be working on multiple things. This keeps things fresh. I’ll be writing one, rewriting the last and outlining the next.

Not only have been able to triple the amount of words I write a day, but the amount of finished product has multiplied by ten — compared to before when I worked on one thing at a time.

My first screenplay took me 15 months to complete. And it’s still not “done”. Last year I wrote five. Three not so good. One okay. And one I’m proud of.

It’s all about rotating, prioritizing and planning.

I’m always ready to move on to the next. You always have a next step. You won’t ever be saying ” Okay? So what now”. It’s go, go, go.

My writing days are filled with jumping from one project to the next. There’s no down time, there’s always just progress — blog about that.  I plan it, so when I’ve finished one project, I can move onto something I’ve been developing. Then I’ll write that and rewrite the last. It’s triple the work and sometimes I have to say, it’s hard to put a lot of effort into the rewrites when you have something so fresh. That’s why you have to be able to adapt quickly. Get in that zone and know what you need to do.

Mix it up a little.


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2 thoughts on “Write one. Rewrite the last. Outline the next.

  1. I am new to the game of screenwriting, (previously having focused my attention on short stories and novels), and am going to try this piece of advice out. It sounds like you get way more creative output. Thanks for the post!

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