How to catch the writing bug and How to keep it alive.

The writing bug is rare, hard to find and few writers ever catch it. But when they do, it’s tough to keep alive. Some have successfully kept their writing bug alive for years, bringing on success. Some only have it for only short periods and others never find it.

I found this bug. It’s been alive for about two years now.  At moments, I think my bug is going to die; It’s tired, worn out. But somehow I manage to keep it alive.

If your interested in finding the bug, here’s a couple places to look…

1.  Good Movie/Good Book

When the author or screenwriter was writing this “good book / good movie”, they most likely had the bug. They are sharing with you, through their work. Take advantage. It can be very inspiring.

2. An Original Idea

This one is tough. But there is no doubt, that if you come up with an original idea, one that you find passion in and enjoy, the bug will come along.

3. Success

This one is hard. But success is crucial in finding your writing bug. It comes in the form of confidence. But the problem is, that you may need the bug, to even get the success.

You’ll know you found the bug, when all you think about is writing. It will over take you like a disease and will push you to strive and work harder everyday. But the problem is, keeping the bug alive.

Ways to keep your bug alive:

1. Write every day.

The bug feeds on the writing. Write something everyday. Regularly feed it. It may not be hungry, but you know damn well it could eat. Don’t let it miss a meal.

2. Failing (Not Failing)

Yes, failing helps keep your bug alive. But can also kill it. It all depends on how you handle the failure. What effect will you let it have on you? If it’s a positive one, if it’s “get right back on the horse” attitude, your bug may never know it happened. But if you let the failure get to your bug. You very well could see it die.

3. New things

Feed your bug different things. Spice things up and write something new. Your bug can get bored, fall into a slump, make sure to keep it occupied. Make it try new things.

Be sure to let me know how you found your “writing bug” and how you keep it alive.


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