Write before bed and sleep like a Baby

This goes for day writers. I realize many of you just find time to write when you can.  I write during the day; I have found a major problem with this practice.

Ever lay in bed, your mind wandering with ideas? You sit there trying to sleep, and trying NOT to forget these ideas– because they’re good and forgetting them would be a shame.

I do this on a consistent basis. It doesn’t make sleeping easy.

There’s two ways of fixing this. One is keeping a notebook near the bed. And jotting the ideas down. I do this, but finding a pen, turning the light on, blah blah blah. I have  a better  way.

I’m laying there trying to get some sleep,  thinking about the day and the day to come, when suddenly a scene pops in my head. –“Oh that would make a good movie!” Before I know it I have ten ideas. Ten tidbits that have potential. I begin listing them in my head — So I can remember. Before I know it it’s been two hours and all those good ideas, are a jumbled mess. I wake up the next morning, tired, from a lack of sleep and it’s all gone.

I hate this.

Write before you go to bed.

I do this after everything is done. Right before I hit the sack.  After writing in the morning, after homework, my day job, feeding the cats, making dinner, all that stuff that comes with being an “adult”. I sit down for fifteen measly minutes and I get it all out. I scroll through my day. The feelings, the moments that I think are worth digging. I write everything down. Anything and everything. I get in touch with my day. I compare this practice to an expression of journal writing. Treat it that way. Don’t feel like it’s a job, but a relaxing method.
Do this and you’ll sleep like a baby.

Always be Writing.


Published by robhox

Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

2 thoughts on “Write before bed and sleep like a Baby

  1. I usually neglect writing my ideas for the reason you listed – it’s a hassle to get out of bed and find a paper and pen. Sometimes when my brain just won’t shut up I’ll type out my idea in a note on my phone and review it later. It’s much easier that way!

    But still I don’t sleep. =[

    1. If your brain won’t shut up, then you know you’re a writer.Don’t take that flow of ideas for granted. Many struggle to even get that far. Complete hassle. I agree. But when I do get up to write it down, I then can completely relax. I’ve used the phone, but sometimes it’s slow and I end up missing a piece… Thanks for reading.

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