Tool for Inspiration: Newspaper

Ever heard that saying  “You can’t make this stuff up”

Well it’s true. Sometimes stories just don’t sound real. They are so absurd and outlandish, that you couldn’t make that shit up.

For great outlandish stories that you can turn into your next screenplay or novel, check the newspaper.

The newspaper is full of stories. True stories. Events that actually happened. Now I’d advise not using the exact story, but using the basics of it. Use the conflict.

This works well with comedy.

I like to read the WORLD or NATIONAL news. Not just the headlines, but the small stuff too.

-“86 Year Old Arrested with Six Pounds of Marijuana”

– “Man Jumps off Bridge and Lands on Fishing Boat”

– “Bank Robber uses Pitchfork to Rob Bank”

Then you write it and no one can say “That wouldn’t happen”. Well, it did.

I use search engines to find online articles. I pinpoint with keywords for whatever I’m writing about.

Example: Deer hunting.

I find hundreds of articles. Before I know it, I’m piecing together log lines, creating plots, jotting down ideas; I have found my next feature, that next crucial scene or that memorable character.

Use these articles as starting points. Branch off from there.

I try to do this once a week. I cut out my favorites and keep them in a shoebox close to my desk. I refer to them when I need some inspiring — Nothing inspires you better than an original story.

Give it go. You’ll never know what you’ll find/read.

Always be Writing.


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3 thoughts on “Tool for Inspiration: Newspaper

  1. I always use the small 2 column inch articles to determine what is really going on. The big pieces are usually packed with opinion, the short ones about related issues or that appear deep in the paper usually reinforce or disprove what the front pages purport to tell. They are “newspaper true”

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