Surround yourself with people who Inspire you.

It took me awhile to realize how important confidence is to my success. Especially in this world of screenwriting.

Some say you should find people who challenge you — Put you down or make you question yourself. Therefore you’ll strive and work harder to prove them wrong…

This causes nothing but self-doubt.

You need to be around people who have as much confidence in you as you do yourself. These people are the ones that will push you. They believe not only in you, but your cause.

Whatever it is. Writing. Athletics. Losing weight. A team effort is better than a bunch of haters and doubters.

Finding these friends can prove to be difficult. These people can open your mind. Propel you to keep trying. To do better and want more out of life. They trust your intellect. Take your word for it. And rely on you as much as you rely on them.

Negativity never solved anything. I have friends who thrive on negativity. Their trying could result in failing and failing is their last option — that’s why they don’t try. The vulnerability outweighs the confidence. They are uncomfortable with themselves. You don’t trust them and they don’t trust you.  They merely settle for what’s handed to them. They take the short route home.

These people will weigh you down, cloud your mind and block the waves of creativity.

These people are still friends. You will always have a special time and place for them.  But understand that if you are serious about your goals, there will be a times when these friends can be detrimental.

Find friends who work for what they want. Understand their priorities. Be able to clarify what is at stake and how much each of you can gain just from being around each other. A team effort.

If you find a friend like this — there’s no telling what you’ll come up with.

Always be writing. Always be striving.


Published by robhox

Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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