Home Stretch of 2012

2013 is upon us.

The year-end of 2012 is nearing. Time flew and here we are. One year older.

What did you do in 2012? What did you accomplish? What changes were made? What goals were met?

Look back to 2011. Is this where you seen yourself?

As we enter December I realize I have written for nearly 300 straight days. A system called “Don’t Break The Chain” help me conjure the endurance and inspiration to accomplish this feat.

Of course there were goals I did not accomplish; I never sold a script and I have yet to win an Oscar.

I did however land representation. A goal I set early in the year.

It’s important to know how far we’ve come. What we accomplished and the progress we’ve made. As a writer it’s very important.

Realizing the last year’s progress can help  propel you into the following  year. It sets the bar.

In 2012 I wrote six screenplays. Landed an Agent. What will 2013 bring? What will I accomplish and what are my goals?

What goals did I fail at? How will I accomplish them in 2013?

I never sold a script. 2013 could be the year? Could 2013 be the year I break out? I hope so. “Here are the things I’m going to do, to make sure that happens”….and then I go do it.

There’s a reason we have dates next to big events. Births. Wars. Deaths. Anniversaries.

This gives us a point in life from which we’ve come from. We can look back and say ” Wow, I did that?” — and thus you amazed yourself. Sometimes the moments that you cherish the most, aren’t cherished until after they’re long gone.  You aren’t proud or excited until it’s a memory.

Let 2012 set the bar for 2013.

I wrote over 1400 hours in 2012. Next year, maybe I’ll write for 3000.

My bar has been set. The goals have set.

Be consciousness of your progress. We must learn form history. We know what success takes. It takes hard work.

How far will you go? And what will you do in 2013 to propel you into 2014?

Always Be Writing.

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Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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