Every writer needs a platform

If you build it, they will come.

The writer’s platform is simple. The platform is designed to build your name and sell your product. Every writer needs one if they plan on financially supporting themselves through writing.

Start building now.

In this world of social networking, blogging and internet — marketing yourself has never been easier.

I have been building my platform for the past year. Since, I have landed an agent and have had multiple scripts read by multiple companies.

Building never stops.

I devised my own “PLATFORM DAILY BUILDING”. Each day is set up to build and market myself using various techniques. How you prioritize these practices is up to you. But are all important in making a career out of writing.

Here is what I have done:

–Created a website, using WEBS. It was easy, cheap and worth it.  A website is an easy way to present your work. It’s easy access and can be a great calling card.

Check it out http://www.robertehoxie.com

–Social networking. I got a twitter and updated my Facebook. I began to utilize these free sites to push my brand. I link these together for an umbrella of networking. This is a great way of connecting with people. Take it seriously. Take advantage.

–Blog. The only reason I started this blog. It not only hones my skill in writing, but it can also spark people’s interest in my work. Many pro-writers started with blogging. This is the most enjoyable part of building.

–Marketing tools. I spend three days a week , two hours a day, writing queries, synopsis, log-lines and treatments. These marketing tools  sell my work. I also set aside time at the end of the week to send these tools out. I try and keep a quota of how many send-outs per week.  I always note where and what I send out. Make sure your tools are the best they can be. I advise you take time out of your rigorous writing schedule to create your own marketing tools.

— Marketing research — Find out who’s buying, who’s making, who’s producing. Where it’s at and how they got there. Know your market inside and out. The internet is a great source.

Many people see writing as escaping into the wilderness, with candle light, in a small cabin beside a lake. Well it’s all that and so much more. You have to get out of that cabin and show people what you’ve done.  You have to market yourself, so you can pay for that candle and that cabin.

Make yourself legit.

Building has to be consistent. Even if it’s an hour a week, any building will help in the long run.

Always be writing. Always be building.


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Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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