Writing Tool: Cook Timer

The cook timer is rarely used anymore. I have found a great use for mine.

If you don’t have one, stop at your local Walmart and pick one up for $6.

As a writer there are days of pure turmoil — where writing seems impossible. If you are as active writing as I am, then you know what I mean. So those who write purely for sport — I mean fun — then disregard this post.

This is for the desperate writer who writes everyday.

You sit down. You got things to do that day, you don’t have much time. But you know you should write. It’s a habit.

Grab the cook timer from the stove and set it for X amount of minutes. Your time has started. Write until it’s up.

I practice this on weekends. Weekends are usually busy for me, so Saturday and Sunday are free writing days. I’m sure in your busy schedules you have days where you have little time to write. This will work for you.

The TICKING is a indication that your time is fading away…

Just WRITE. You ask — but what do I write? It doesn’t matter — get out as much as you can before that timer goes off. And it goes fast, trust me.

The timer is a ticking bomb. The only way you can save yourself and your cats is to write. The more words the better.

The window of opportunity is small.  The pressure allows your mind to act without reason– often creating shitty writing. But that’s okay.

You wrote another day. And that’s all that matters.

Hope it works for you.

Always be writing


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