Geniuses Finish

I can’t count how many writers I have come across, with great stories, great concepts and ideas, but nothing to show for it.

They have nothing finished to present.

“Geniuses Finish” — a quote I came across somewhere down the line. It has always stuck. I remember, whatever I do, no matter how bad the script is going, or how bad I want to throw it in the trash — I always make sure to finish.

It’s a mindset.

Finishing goes a long way. Once you get use to producing a final draft, you began to practice this across the board. Not with just writing, but with life.

Finishing a project is very important. It sets a standard. It’s a milestone. It sets a bar for your future projects and gives you confidence for the work to come.

Finished work is an accomplishment. There are few people who have finished screenplays or novels. Few people take the time and energy to sit down and finish what they want.

If you finish something, be proud of yourself. You are the minority.

The quote isn’t to be taken literally. I am no genius. Not yet. But, when you  think about what it really says — it can hit home.

Anyone that is known is this world of creativity has created a final piece. If it’s a musician, writer or an artist, they have always produced work that’s complete. You don’t see an album with six songs and six songs pending. You see twelve full complete songs with lyrics and music. This is obvious. You don’t hear about some artist who is drawing something good. You hear about the final piece of art. Finishing is what got them where they are today.

It’s an act of finishing. Without it, how can you ever move on?

I know I can’t.

Always be writing.


Published by robhox

Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

4 thoughts on “Geniuses Finish

  1. Great post, really made me pause and think!
    Nothing is ever perfect in the eyes of it’s creator. All artists know the wretched feeling of The Endless Rewrite that never gets solved. Sometimes you just need to finish. I know with my own writing, once I got that mentality, I saw my writing improve drastically.
    When you know you’re finishing it, and have a set date it WILL be finished on, your craft will actually gain instead of suffer!
    Thanks for the reminder! Keep on writing!

  2. Nice post. It made me think of all the things, I have accomplished, and there have been plenty of them. It took me ten years to finish college, with working full time and going to school part-time. I finally graduated in 2004.

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