Grade your writing Productivity

I cannot emphasize “productivity” enough when it comes to writing. I stress to my readers how important it is to write everyday. I hope they listen.

The only way anyone can write everyday, is by managing their time. I do this by writing out a daily schedule, hour by hour, every week.  I have never gotten so much work done.

I’m also a big believer in keeping records of my writing habits. Often on my schedule notebook, I jot  notes on how the day went. This practice led to my grading system — Just like in school, after the writing day is over, I literally give myself a grade. “A” being best. ” F ” being fail.

The only way you can get an F, is to not write at all. I have yet to receive an F. The only way you can get an A — is you do everything you plan to do.

If I am lazy that day, I give myself a bad grade. I’m brutally honest with myself and receiving an A+ has only happened two times in the past 12 months. Those days I went above and beyond my goals. But everyday I sit down and aim for that A+.

At the end of the month, I sit down and average out my grade. Like a GPA.

Last month I scored a 2.9.  C+ average. Work still got done, but this tells me there’s room for improvement.

The grades are a measuring tool. They are standards. I hold those standards to a degree in which I follow religiously. This is the only way of accomplishing my goals. Working hard is the only way I can get what I want.

The grades also act as a reminder. They are records of my habits and allow me to improve — Mondays are usually poorly graded. Tuesdays are my most productive days. Fridays are a lot of wasted time.

The grading system works for me. It doesn’t mean you’ll be a better writer. But it will make you a more productive writer.

I hope you earned your “A” today.

Always be writing


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One thought on “Grade your writing Productivity

  1. I like that concept of grading how often you write. I think I’ll start doing that because I’ve noticed when I try and write at night (like I used to), there’s too many distractions. I need to keep writing in the morning and sticking to that schedule. I also like your idea of keeping track of your time hour by hour. This way I can write, blog, social media, critiquing other people’s work, book reviews, hang out with friends, etc. without getting stressed. 24 hours is not enough in one day!

    Keep smiling,

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