Judgement Day, for writers.

They say Friday, the world is going to end.

Scary stuff. But writers have bigger issues.

Friday, I’m doing a mass send-out of my query letter in hopes of landing a sale.

Big dreamer, I know.

There is a sense of anxiety whenever you send out your material. This will never change. There is an ego that you hold over your work. You’ve been indulged in it for eight plus months and suddenly your ready for people’s opinion.

We don’t have a choice in this matter. As writers, we have to get our work out there if we ever want to make a career out of writing. This is our judgement day.

It’s tough living, knowing judgement day approaches. Preparation is crucial.

I have spent the past four weeks, fine tuning a query letter, compiling a send-out list and researching the market. I’m ready.

When the last week approaches, the anxiety kicks in.

“I’m ready for this” — “I’m ready for these people to see my work”. You can hear the doubt in my voice.

This is a battle you’ll have to fight. Don’t let doubt take you over. It will only handicap you. Do your research and prepare for the worst.

And remember this won’t be your last chance. Wish me luck.

Always be writing.


Published by robhox

Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

3 thoughts on “Judgement Day, for writers.

  1. I’ve had some success with querying in the past. If you want a set of eyes on it before you send it out, feel free to hit me up at knaight@gmail.com. Regardless, good luck with it! The query game kind of sucks, but there might just be a payoff that makes it worth the trouble.

    1. Thanks for the offer. I have had a pretty good send out to request ratio going with my last query. I trust myself. I have also come to learn that many people see the query letter differently. I think a query letter can be something personal that represents your writing. And yes, the game of query is a game of torment. Thanks for reading, thanks for the comment.

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