Plan on doing Shitty to Curve your Disappointment.

You must set your bar high in order to succeed as a writer. That means, everyday you should try to get the most out of yourself. Write. Write. Write.

But when that bar isn’t met, we deal with disappointment. This can disable the writer — self-confidence is crucial to success.

I have a way to curve this self-inflicted-failure and disappointment.

Just plan on doing shitty.

Plan on doing shitty once a month. Or once a week. It’s simple. Lower your own expectations, give yourself a break and thus disappointment in one’s self, would be near impossible — unless you did absolutely nothing. Than you’d even fail at being shitty.

I do this two times a month, on a Friday, after a long week. My brain is fried and a nap is better for me than actual writing.

Planning on doing shitty only works if you are consistent on setting daily writing goals and/or have a daily writing schedule. Otherwise, being shitty is something you may do already…

So pick a day and lower your bar. Less words. Less pages. Less to accomplish.

Fill that “free” time with things you need to get done. Laundry.  Dishes. The other basics. Or go watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see. Take a nap. Take this time and still advance yourself. This helps curve the guilt on being shitty.

But tomorrow, go head first. Full tilt. All out. Back to your high stakes.

Only another month, till your next “shitty” day.

Always be writing. Everyday.


Published by robhox

Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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