Create your writing schedule.

When I decided to be a screenwriter, I realized in order to succeed, I would need to make writing my top priority.

From there on, I promised myself, no matter what, I would set aside time to write everyday.

And for the majority of the past 2 years, I have kept that promise.

It has taken major sacrifices. My social life has collapsed. My grades are below my average. Eating has become rare. My relationship is on the rocks. I haven’t seen my family as much as I’d like. And suddenly I enjoyed being alone.

Through it all, I have progressed my dreams further than ever before.

Is it worth it?  It is to me. It’s your time and you need to use it wisely. There is only one at bat in the game of life.

Putting writing first, is tough. Living is what inspires the work. I quickly learned how to juggle life’s priorities with writing. Many of us have day jobs, kids, homework, daily chores, all those things that take away time you could be working on your novel or screenplay. So time management becomes very important.

To utilize the time in each day, in order to write the most you can, without sacrificing too much, you will need to make a daily writing schedule.

My Schedule:

I write mine out every Sunday.  I write it out by the TASK, each day, Monday through Sunday. I break down what I plan to do, how long it will take and so on.  I do this in blue/black ink. And then use red ink to revise if needed.

It’s not only writing I plan out. It’s what comes before and after — Those life priorities.


” See Mom”

“Take Girlfriend to Fair”

Once I began to plan out writing and my daily life, I began to feel in control.

I have never felt like that way before. My stress was instantly reduced. My priorities were set and I knew exactly how I spent my time.

Of course there are stresses when dealing with a schedule. A few non-planned things arise and suddenly your whole schedule is fucked. That happens.

Over the months, I’ve learned to adapt. But not without stress. But it’s still much less stressful than sulking and procrastinating like before.

This will save you time; it will put you in the driver’s seat of your life. And most importantly, you will write more.

Always be writing. Every day.


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