Trust your instinct and listen to your gut.

I recently reached the 20-page mark in my latest feature and I already feel it.

I feel love for this story. I know where it’s going. It plays out in my head before I fall asleep at night. This script will be special.

It may not sell and win an academy award, but I know this will be one of my finest pieces of writing.

How do I know?

Because I just do.

I didn’t feel like that with my last two scripts. There was no love there. I finished them both. Two drafts a piece and now they collect dust in my cabinet. I know I give up easy, but I’ve learned you have to move on from a project when it’s not working. I always finish my scripts and always try to get the best out of the story. With the last two, I did that. But they still sucked.

But this one came out of nowhere.

A simple log line I wrote some 2 years ago, suddenly overcame me. Scenes ran through my head. The theme was so apparent I knew what kind of story I had to write. It was all there in my head. I just had to put it on paper; that’s the tough part.

You’ll know when you got a good script. Of course the professional world may not think so, but at least you know this is where you’re at in your writing. I judge my work from my previous work. I know this script will be better than anything else I’ve ever written.

To me, that’s huge! I hope everyone who reads it feels the same way.

I love looking back at old scripts.  It’s a good practice. It reminds us how far we’ve come and that’s important. Take a couple of hours and go through your old work. You’ll cringe. You’ll laugh. You’ll be sick. And then you’ll want to become a better writer.

Trust your gut. Trust your instinct. It’s gotten you this far.

Feel that love?

Always be writing. Everyday.


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