Moments of Fate

I’m a huge believer in fate.

I’m very superstitious. I can’t watch a Michigan Football game without knocking on the coffee table at least six times.

Throughout my life, things have happened, that I refuse to believe are JUST coincidences. Today highlighted why I continue to believe in my own destiny.

I had just finished a first draft of my latest script. It was only 80 pages long!

First of all, that’s not good. Not good at all! Your first draft should be at least 120 pages…then you cut and trim to get to that magic 96.


I like to print my first draft to read and make notes. I love the hard copy. There is something very special about holding finished work in your hand… clipping those pages together and taking in all the satisfaction of accomplishment.

I saved it as a PDF. I plugged in my printer — It was out of paper. Shit…

I found the last remaining pile of printer paper near my desk. Immediately, I didn’t think I had enough paper to print the measly 80 pages. 81 if I print the title page. Which I always do!

I had no choice. I loaded the paper and hit PRINT.

I sat there as my freshly inked words rolled out of the printer. I crossed my fingers and hoped I had enough.

I ran through the last week, remembering all the printing I had done: horse racing programs, my English paper, work bullshit — each and every print was a random number of pages.

Page by page, my script shot out…

It was done. I grabbed the lean script out. Grabbed a clip and neatly pushed it together. There it was. Ready for rewrites. I was joyous that I had enough paper. But curious to know if I had any paper left…

I opened the printer: To my amazement, it was empty. Not one piece left. Bare bones. Nothing. I had the perfect amount of paper left to print my script. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so bad about that lean first draft.

It was like it was supposed to be.

For some reason, for the past two months, I had printed things off the internet, for work, for school, whatever…and after all that, what paper was left, turned out to be the exact amount of paper I needed.

It was all too real. Maybe you think I’m crazy. Maybe you think, who cares?

This isn’t the first time, when my numbers have fallen so perfectly. I believe things happen for a reason. Even if they’re small like this instance. If I was only one page short or had two pages left, I would have never thought anything of it. But I had the exact amount needed. Everything I had printed before this was exactly what I was supposed to print.

And then I knew…I’m doing exactly what I supposed to be doing.

Always be writing. Everyday


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