Making movies reminds me why I write Movies.

There was a time, when I aspired to be a director.

But then I read a quote from Francis Ford Coppola — “If you want to direct you must know how to write.”

Soon after that, I purchased my first how-to write a screenplay book.

We recently wrapped on production of a short film titled Same Ghost Every Night. I produced and ran the camera as Director of Photography. This is my second collaboration with writer and director Gus Péwé

Production couldn’t have gone any better. We had a small cast and crew — the six to eight-hour days were filled with moments of laughter, drama and creativity. After months and months of spending most of my days alone at a desk, with my cats and twenty note books of research and beat sheets, I got to actually get on set and make a movie.

Making a movie reminded me why I write movies. I had forgotten.

The process is so fulfilling.

Ultimately I just want to make a career somewhere, somehow, in the movie industry.

After 9 days of working the camera, talking to people, directing them, enjoying the company of other individuals who aspire for the same thing, I realize how important it is to continue to write. Those 9 days showed why I am pursuing this line of work in the first place.

It’s good to have a reminder every now and then.

Making movies makes you want to write movies. I look forward to my future. I have more energy and inspiration than I have in a long time.

Always be writing. Every day.



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