You should hate your script after you’re done.

I’m about to finish a script I’ve been working on since last June — I plan on this being my final draft.

I CANNOT WAIT to be done. I hate this screenplay with everything I got – the story, the characters, the reasoning, the message. At this point, it downright bores me.

Not that it’s bad, I’ve actually gotten pretty positive coverage, it’s just I am SOOOOO sick of it.

I look at this as a good thing — You should hate your screenplay after you’re done writing it. You should put so much time and energy into the script, to make it the best you can, that when you reach that final draft and drained of every character, action line and plot point, you should downright hate it.

I know, I am.

I cared dearly for it at one time. I wouldn’t have put so much energy into it, if I hadn’t cared. But now I couldn’t careless.

But no worries…

I may take the script for granted now, but I assure you, two months down the road when I’m working on the next project, I’ll look back and miss it again. I’ll cradle the final draft in my arms and love it with a full heart.

I’ll love it again so much, I’ll began pitching it. I’ll try selling it and putting my name on the line for this screenplay.

The hate I have for this story once happened to a previous screenplay I wrote some seasons ago. That script went into like 7 drafts. By the end, I had no hope for it. I wanted to burn it. It bored me and I couldn’t wait to move on…

To me it was nothing special.

That proved to be a good thing. The script found representation in two months. Place and qualified in various competitions and really gave me the confidence to keep writing.

I have hope for this screenplay that I hate so much.

Always be writing. Everyday.


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