Send a friend a screenwriting book

I’m not much of person who enjoys writing with others. I honestly don’t know how partners do it.

From what I’ve read, writing partnerships only work if you write separately and then send each other drafts for the other to write ALONE. This process continues until you both feel it’s complete.


I would love to minimize the pressures of writing a script — and then add the joys of collaborating and creating with someone else. I’m a team player naturally. I love talking to other writers — only if they’re not in the room dictating my word.

I’m on a search to find that person I can write with.

It’s going to be hard to find someone with the same vision. But what works with writing partnerships is that your visions are combined. Both writers can offer their great stuff to make a killer script.

I’m on a mission to find that someone I can send a draft too, and in three or four weeks I’ll get another draft back better than it was before.

My plan is to send a friend a screenwriting book. I already have a few people in mind.

Of course I could find a practicing screenwriter. Or I could find a fresh mind who aspires to write, but doesn’t “practice”. It’s almost like I’m trying to discover new talent.

My list of known screenwriters is lean.

I have to know the person really well to trust their “writer’s instinct”. They have to love movies of course. They have to be good readers and number one, they have to be able to sacrifice time to write.

With these restrictions I think I have found that friend.

I’m on Amazon searching for the right book to send. I’ll send it as a gift and it’ll be on the person’s doorstep in 5 to 7 days. They won’t even see it coming.

Hopefully the book will show them how “easy” screenwriting really is (I wish). I can hope and pray that they’ll open it up, and say “I can do this” just like I did some four years ago. Then I can hope and pray they’ll go to their computer download Celtx the free script software and start writing. Before you know it, we’d be exchanging drafts, talking story, and discussing the latest hottest script on the market that we should had written.

All this by just sending a screenwriting book? It’s more than just writing. It’s a process of doing and not just saying.

I’m going to give it go. Wish me luck. Hope and pray I find my writing collaborator.

Always be Writing. Every day.


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