A messy desk: a clear sign you’ve been working hard

My desk is a complete disaster.

This is a good sign.

If you spend enough time at your desk and do enough work there, your desk should be a mess.

After I’m done writing I have no energy to clean up. A sign, I worked hard that day.

I may have energy to clean before I write, but I’m so excited to write, I don’t. A sign, writing still gets me excited.

I clean it every two weeks. The desk is filled with coffee mugs, with a half-eaten bag of almonds. Little notes are strewn about – reminding me of things I should have done last week. There’s loose CD’s, pens, markers, and plates. These objects tell a story of my long days sitting here at my desk, writing.

Your desk should tell the same story.

Now I’m a big believer in organization. But an organized person doesn’t always mean a successful one. There are those who don’t write at a desk and this post may not apply. They may use a laptop, or a notebook in bed.

May I suggest you find a corner somewhere in your living quarters and make it your own? A writer’s spot is crucial.

I’ve tried that whole coffee shop thing. And that whole in the park, with the people…

It didn’t work. It’s a mindset of where you are. Why you’re there. And what you’re going to do.

In the morning, when I sit down at my desk, something clicks and my hands are ready to start typing. I enjoy decorating my writer’s corner, with accessories, with pens and markers. Unused erasers and some hand sanitizer — Little knickknacks.

Although my desk is a cluttered disaster 92% of the time, I still manage to get tons of work done. I take pride in my desk and when I’m done telling my story, through my work, the desk alone tells a story of how hard I work, day in and day out.

Always be Writing. Everyday.


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