Succesful writers have one thing in common. And it’s so obvious.

There’s one thing that ALL successful writers do. And they do it a lot.


I know this is an obvious point. But too many times I come across people who claim to be writers, that don’t actually write.

Writers write. That is all.

And then again, I come across too many talented “writers” who don’t write enough. Or at all.

If you want to be a writer, you actually have to write. From what I’ve read and heard, you have to write everyday. Or it’s recommended I should say.

I have developed a habit to do so. I sit at my desk, I make the time and I write.

There is a yearning in all for us for greatness — and by greatness I mean happiness. And by happiness I mean fulfillment of one’s desires. If you’re a writer, or a want to be writer, then make sure you write. I’m guessing there is a lot of you “writers” out there today who know they don’t write enough. They don’t have the time. Or they don’t make the time. They tell themselves everyday or every week — how they will write more. Or write at all…

Before I wrote everyday, I wrote when I felt like it. When my heart desired, I sat down and wrote. What happened was that I only wrote, two or MAYBE three times a week. There were weeks where I didn’t write at all.

Saying, acting and yearning is not enough. I chose this to be my path of desire. In order to get there, in order to make money doing what I love to do, I understand I will have to take and make the time to do that exact thing!

It all seems obvious, I know. But I’m sure there are a lot of writers who know, they don’t write as much as they should.

I hope you write today. I hope you write tomorrow as well. And then so on for the next fifty years of your long writing careers.

Always be writing. Everyday.


Published by robhox

Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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