Take advantage of your emotions and write something Good.

You’re stressed. You’re tired. Confused and disgruntled. You maybe upset about something, maybe a loss or a big change.

Your body is reacting emotionally. Take advantage of these times and pour it all out, into your writing.

The pain will show on your page. The passion will shape the scene and words will flow.

Writing always helps curve my anxiety. Writing makes me feel in control — where in reality, I’m not. It’s not going to fix your problems, but perhaps writing will help you deal with your issues.

Before, when I was stressed, writing was the last thing I wanted to do. Let’s face it; it’s a job that few take the time to do. But as I practiced more and more, I began to see writing as a therapy session.

I suppose this is why adolescents journal their feelings.

I do journal, but I keep it to a minimal. Instead, I pour my emotions into my characters and my scenes. I try to instill those very feelings I’m dealing with, into the paper. I don’t always succeed. But I always feel better.

And remember it could always be worse…

Often the scripts we write are nearly absurd. Character’s issues are always worse than ours. For example…TAKEN… My problems are nowhere close to Liam Neeson’s. His daughter was kidnapped! Poor guy. Thank god he had all that prior training…

Horrible movie by the way.

So when I hit the keyboard and realize life could be so much worse, the challenges I face in reality become manageable.

Suddenly, your life doesn’t seem so bad. And after you leave your computer, you’ll have a little more confidence.

Always be writing. Everyday.


Published by robhox

Writer, filmmaking, picture-taking. Don't ever call me 'rob'

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