It’s time to Regroup.

It’s a common tactic in almost every team sport.

Things are going bad. Nothing is working as planned. So you get together as a TEAM and you regroup.

Now as a writer, regrouping can be difficult. Mainly because you’re a one-man team. In a normal regroup, everyone on the TEAM puts their heads together and comes up with a “new plan”. As a writer, you don’t have this luxury. Unless, I suppose you’re co-writing with someone. But I will assume you’re solo, like myself.

Sometimes you reach a point, where you’ve worked really hard for a long period of time. I’ll also assume you’ve been working really hard for a long period of time — because to be successful you need to work really hard. And through all this hard work, you’ve seen little progress. Sure you’ve written a lot more, you’re writing is better, but you still feel like you’re treading water.

When you reach this point, and begin to lose focus and confidence.  Most people quit. Most people give up.

Through out the last two years, of really working hard, I’ve come this point various times. And I believe I’ve figured out the secret.

CHANGE. That’s it. Change your ways and change your habits. Regroup and come up with a new strategy. Mix it up and try something new, but with the same goals as before.

The changes can be simple. I for one wrote in the mornings and then always worked on other things, like this blog, sending out queries and various platforming in the afternoon. But after awhile, writing became stale. I realized I needed a new plan. I just switched things up. I wrote at night and then worked on the platforming during the day. This is tough if you have a day job. I have the luxury of creating my own work schedule as I’m now self-employed. But simply, listening to music before you write, or reading a book before you dive into your work, can change your productivity for the rest of the day.

Now you may say, that’s not that much of a “change” let alone and new “strategy”. But I think that’s also the other secret. We get in a habit of doing things a certain way. And sometimes we forget that despite all the agony of the struggle, we must realize we’re always progressing to our goals — just as long as you are writing. The changing of your habits just gives you the idea that you are AGAIN making progress. A simple illusion that can trick the mind and help you gain confidence again.

It’s simply something new.

Change is good. Change is good. Now, go regroup.


Always be writing.



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