Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions

From the short story, The Nun:

“Stop the car.”

“For what?”

“Vincent, stop the car. Just do it.”

I hit the brakes. She settled back into the seat and looked at me.

“Take a picture of me. I’ll go stand under that tree. You see what I mean?” She handed me her phone. It had a Polaroid of her cat behind a clear phone case. She got out, leaving the door open. I opened the camera app and she stood with her back to me. She curved her back and popped out her ass. She looked back at me and threw her hair like a model. I took a picture.

“Did you get it?!”


She scurried back into the car.

“Kiss me.” She leaned over the center counsel.

Her tongue did counter-clockwise circles in my mouth. My hand ran down her legs. She squirmed and pushed me back.

“That’s enough. Now drive!”

I hit the gas and my tires kicked up little rocks. Raccoon eyes darted off into the brush. A large bird swooped down and Alina exclaimed.

“Holy shit! It’s prehistoric!”

Alina opened her phone and stared into the photo I had taken of her. The phone’s light made her eyes dazzle. Her mouth was a half smirking smile. She was as amazed by herself as I was. She reached over and rested her hand on my leg, slipping her phone in her pocket. It began to rain again.

You can read The Nun along with my collection of short stories, Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions on Amazon.

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