Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions

From the short story, Holly Woods: “I love that one.” I looked up and the woman in red was standing before me. Her chin lifted now, so I could see hazel eyes. Thirty-five years old at least, small and petite. Skinny as a rail. Her chest was flat and her dress seemed to allow airContinue reading “Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions”

Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions

From the short story Butterfly: My sweet Lila, how did it come to this. I opened my phone and scrolled through photos from eight months ago. She was holding a butterfly with black and yellow wings. A red band over the abdomen. We had gone to an indoor butterfly garden upstate. The red branded butterflyContinue reading “Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions”

Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions

From the short story, The Nun: “Stop the car.” “For what?” “Vincent, stop the car. Just do it.” I hit the brakes. She settled back into the seat and looked at me. “Take a picture of me. I’ll go stand under that tree. You see what I mean?” She handed me her phone. It hadContinue reading “Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions”

Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions

From the short story,  Loon Lake: With each move, she paused and thought. She clenched her hands together, held them near her mouth, thinking it all over. Her moves were deliberate and concise with her nature. But I was too much for her. I chased her queen around until finally, she conceded. I gave herContinue reading “Excerpt: Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions”

My new book: Girls, Cigarettes, & Illusions

For the past six months, instead of blogging like I had planned, I’ve been fine-tuning, editing, rewriting, and formatting my NEW book Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions. This project dates back years, and it’s finally ready! Later this year, or even more maybe early 2020, my novel Girls I Know will be published and released in theContinue reading “My new book: Girls, Cigarettes, & Illusions”

Onward and Upward

This weekend we finished post-production on a short film, No Time for Romance. It’s a fourteen minute short about a pregnant wife who must decide to stay with her live-in boyfriend or prepare for the end of the world. It’s really about much more than that though: the rising nuclear tensions and the effects itContinue reading “Onward and Upward”

Am I a writer yet?

The waitress who’s an actress. The Uber driver who’s a bodybuilder. The banker who’s a painter. The lawyer who’s a stand-up comedian. In the past when people asked me what I do, I always conceded to my day job. “I work in real estate.” I’ve tried to tell people what I really do (where most of myContinue reading “Am I a writer yet?”

“Rabbitholing” — Let’s Brainstorm

Urban dictionary defines the term “Rabbitholing” as: “To get stuck on an endless internet search of no particular importance.” If you’re sitting down and writing every day like I am, sometimes you start feeling like a robot. The work feels dry. The once awe-inspiring story sucks. And even when you’ve hit your daily writing quota, it’sContinue reading ““Rabbitholing” — Let’s Brainstorm”

Rejection Refines Us

“Rejection refines us. Those who fall prey to its enervating soul-sucking tentacles are doomed. Those who persist past it are survivors. Best ask yourself the question: what kind of writer are you? The kind who survives? Or the kind who gets asphyxiated by the tentacles of woe?” said writer Chuck Wendig. This quote hangs aboveContinue reading “Rejection Refines Us”