Leave it all on the page

I played football in high school and the coaches would always say “Leave it all on the field”. They meant: put all your emotion and physical stamina into the game. When you walk off you should have nothing left. Leave it all out there. I can compare this to writing. After an emotional day ofContinue reading “Leave it all on the page”

I write with instinct. This is how I know.

When I rewrite I first go through with a red pen and make notes on a hard copy. Basic stuff. I change whatever I think I should. After I’m done, I set it aside for a week. When I’m ready to put those changes into my computer for my next draft, I place the hardContinue reading “I write with instinct. This is how I know.”

Get back to Basics

When I was first started writing, I stumbled upon a great book that taught me the basics of screenwriting. Today, after three years, 12+ features later, I keep that book by desk, because I know, the secret to writing a good movie is in the basics. Watch Avatar or Titanic —┬áboth are written by JamesContinue reading “Get back to Basics”

Moments of Fate

I’m a huge believer in fate. I’m very superstitious. I can’t watch a Michigan Football game without knocking on the coffee table at least six times. Throughout my life, things have happened, that I refuse to believe are JUST coincidences. Today highlighted why I continue to believe in my own destiny. I had just finishedContinue reading “Moments of Fate”

A Lesson from a Fortune Cookie

I love Chinese food. It’s the best. After a big order of General Tso’s Chicken, I immediately went for my fortune cookie. I’m not a superstitious kind of guy. I realize most of these fortunes are standard. But this one, I felt different about. I felt like this fortune was for me. “You deserve toContinue reading “A Lesson from a Fortune Cookie”

Trust your instinct and listen to your gut.

I recently reached the 20-page mark in my latest feature and I already feel it. I feel love for this story. I know where it’s going. It plays out in my head before I fall asleep at night. This script will be special. It may not sell and win an academy award, but I knowContinue reading “Trust your instinct and listen to your gut.”

Just 1 more page.

You’ve written for an hour. You’re tired. Your coffee is cold and your fingers are numb. But you haven’t reached your daily writing goal. If you stopped now, you’d feel inadequate for the rest of the day. You want to just save your file and walk away until tomorrow. There’s nothing more you can pushContinue reading “Just 1 more page.”

Create your writing schedule.

When I decided to be a screenwriter, I realized in order to succeed, I would need to make writing my top priority. From there on, I promised myself, no matter what, I would set aside time to write everyday. And for the majority of the past 2 years, I have kept that promise. It hasContinue reading “Create your writing schedule.”

Plan on doing Shitty to Curve your Disappointment.

You must set your bar high in order to succeed as a writer. That means, everyday you should try to get the most out of yourself. Write. Write. Write. But when that bar isn’t met, we deal with disappointment. This can disable the writer — self-confidence is crucial to success. I have a way toContinue reading “Plan on doing Shitty to Curve your Disappointment.”

Visit your Muse. Don’t wait for it to visit You.

This idea that you need inspiration to write is a bunch of bullshit. In order to write everyday, which you should all be doing, you need to learn how to visit your muse — not waiting for it to visit you. There will be times you’re in the shower, in church, watching TV, playing videoContinue reading “Visit your Muse. Don’t wait for it to visit You.”