Neglecting My Blog

I recently came across an article about common mistakes writers make with their online profiles. “Neglecting your blog” was listed in the top eight. I said shit, opened WordPress, and started writing this overdue post. It’s been well over a year since I’ve added to this blog. A lot has changed since then: I graduated college,Continue reading “Neglecting My Blog”

The girl who took me to poetry class

We both had been here before. In my car, at night, outside her apartment. So many times before, but this time it was different. There was potential this was going to be the last. “I can’t see you knowing that he’s still hurting so much, I can’t give you everything I have, and it’s unfairContinue reading “The girl who took me to poetry class”

Tequila And George Jones

My father left us last June. I overheard my mom one night talking about him screwing another attorney from his law firm. She stills call him after she’s had too much wine. She doesn’t know I know, but I can hear her crying through my bedroom wall. Now, I don’t see my dad much. SometimesContinue reading “Tequila And George Jones”

The couple across the room, don’t know each other’s secrets yet.

She’s a pretty girl. He appears to be a nice guy. I’m sure they met in class. He then went and found her on a social network and liked some of her photos and then she messaged him. The next time in class, he asked her out for ice cream and to go see theContinue reading “The couple across the room, don’t know each other’s secrets yet.”

Sometimes I have dreams.

It was a dim morning. The time of the year when the sun starts coming out a little bit later, in the last part of summer. It’s an odd transition and noticeable to someone who wakes up as early as I do. The pain came with force, right to my head. It happened so quicklyContinue reading “Sometimes I have dreams.”