Send a friend a screenwriting book

I’m not much of person who enjoys writing with others. I honestly don’t know how partners do it. From what I’ve read, writing partnerships only work if you write separately and then send each other drafts for the other to write ALONE. This process continues until you both feel it’s complete. THIS SOUNDS GREAT. IContinue reading “Send a friend a screenwriting book”

You should hate your script after you’re done.

I’m about to finish a script I’ve been working on since last June — I plan on this being my final draft. I CANNOT WAIT to be done. I hate this screenplay with everything I got – the story, the characters, the reasoning, the message. At this point, it downright bores me. Not that it’sContinue reading “You should hate your script after you’re done.”

Making movies reminds me why I write Movies.

There was a time, when I aspired to be a director. But then I read a quote from Francis Ford Coppola — “If you want to direct you must know how to write.” Soon after that, I purchased my first how-to write a screenplay book. We recently wrapped on production of a short film titledContinue reading “Making movies reminds me why I write Movies.”

Change is Good.

Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. Yeah, keep telling yourself that. As writers we need a strict daily routine to get work done. It’s crucial we manage our time, between working, school, kids, family, chores, sleeping, eating. That’s the way things are with me anyway. Sometimes it becomes boring and mundane. IContinue reading “Change is Good.”

Leave it all on the page

I played football in high school and the coaches would always say “Leave it all on the field”. They meant: put all your emotion and physical stamina into the game. When you walk off you should have nothing left. Leave it all out there. I can compare this to writing. After an emotional day ofContinue reading “Leave it all on the page”

Our Next Movie

So hopefully you guys all took the time to watch the latest film I produced called THE BIG WEST.  It was directed and written by one of the more talented people I know, Gus Péwé. We shot the film for relatively cheap, and seeing as we’re students with minimal wage jobs, I think we producedContinue reading “Our Next Movie”

I write with instinct. This is how I know.

When I rewrite I first go through with a red pen and make notes on a hard copy. Basic stuff. I change whatever I think I should. After I’m done, I set it aside for a week. When I’m ready to put those changes into my computer for my next draft, I place the hardContinue reading “I write with instinct. This is how I know.”

Get back to Basics

When I was first started writing, I stumbled upon a great book that taught me the basics of screenwriting. Today, after three years, 12+ features later, I keep that book by desk, because I know, the secret to writing a good movie is in the basics. Watch Avatar or Titanic — both are written by JamesContinue reading “Get back to Basics”

Moments of Fate

I’m a huge believer in fate. I’m very superstitious. I can’t watch a Michigan Football game without knocking on the coffee table at least six times. Throughout my life, things have happened, that I refuse to believe are JUST coincidences. Today highlighted why I continue to believe in my own destiny. I had just finishedContinue reading “Moments of Fate”

Think like a politician when planning your future.

Politicians plan for the future. They think long-term. Right now we are seeing Hilary Clinton stepping down from Secretary of State. There’s word she’s going to run for president in 2016 — Whatever she does from here on, for the next 3 years, will decide her fate. It will decide her ultimate goal. That’s insaneContinue reading “Think like a politician when planning your future.”