Searching for love, Francis King is about to discover the mystery and magic of the female sex…

Twenty-three-year-old Francis King is dumped by the last girl he thinks he’ll ever love.  Heartbroken and alone, he is thrust into the digital age of dating and a single life he’s never known: a world of hookup culture riddled with noncommittal relationships.

He wanders into the tight-knit bar scene of Memphis, Michigan. A city of thirty thousand people, a few bars, drugs and alcohol, and casual sex on any given night. With determination to find happiness, and a new sexual drive, Francis becomes entangled with many women at once where he discovers the mystery and magic of the female sex.

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: “Robert E. Hoxie Explores the Millennial Age Hook up Culture in His New Release GIRLS I KNOW”


“I absolutely adored this book. The characters were so real that it sucked you in and made you feel a part of the story. You didn’t want it to end!” — NetGalley Reviewer

“…fun…with A LOT of character! Definitely recommend this book!”— Kay’s Book Reviews

“This book was interesting…in the best way possible… I related to parts of the book in a few aspects, especially with this being a ‘Hook up’ culture. Dating is hard, so I understood that completely. It’s scary how accurate this book is for so many situations!” — NetGalley Reviewer

“…you could call [it] a strenuous search for real love. However, I’d call it a[n] homage to womanhood. And a rather good one, too. Written in the good old tradition of Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski.” —LibraryThing Early Reviewers

“A graphic exploration of the modern hook-up culture as seen through the eyes of Francis, a twenty-three-year-old misfit…There’s not really a higher moral at the end, or a change of character where Francis realizes what he’s looking for. Instead, it’s as raw and real and the truth that no one really wants to admit, especially as it comes from a male character.” — NetGalley Reviewer

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