Trust your instinct and listen to your gut.

I recently reached the 20-page mark in my latest feature and I already feel it. I feel love for this story. I know where it’s going. It plays out in my head before I fall asleep at night. This script will be special. It may not sell and win an academy award, but I knowContinue reading “Trust your instinct and listen to your gut.”

Just 1 more page.

You’ve written for an hour. You’re tired. Your coffee is cold and your fingers are numb. But you haven’t reached your daily writing goal. If you stopped now, you’d feel inadequate for the rest of the day. You want to just save your file and walk away until tomorrow. There’s nothing more you can pushContinue reading “Just 1 more page.”

Create your writing schedule.

When I decided to be a screenwriter, I realized in order to succeed, I would need to make writing my top priority. From there on, I promised myself, no matter what, I would set aside time to write everyday. And for the majority of the past 2 years, I have kept that promise. It hasContinue reading “Create your writing schedule.”

Plan on doing Shitty to Curve your Disappointment.

You must set your bar high in order to succeed as a writer. That means, everyday you should try to get the most out of yourself. Write. Write. Write. But when that bar isn’t met, we deal with disappointment. This can disable the writer — self-confidence is crucial to success. I have a way toContinue reading “Plan on doing Shitty to Curve your Disappointment.”

Visit your Muse. Don’t wait for it to visit You.

This idea that you need inspiration to write is a bunch of bullshit. In order to write everyday, which you should all be doing, you need to learn how to visit your muse — not waiting for it to visit you. There will be times you’re in the shower, in church, watching TV, playing videoContinue reading “Visit your Muse. Don’t wait for it to visit You.”

DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN: 2013 Challenge

I have spoken about “writing everyday”. I assume very few of you actually do it. I was once in your shoes. A new year is a milestone of your life; an opportunity to change things in your favor. Some call it a “fresh start”. What do you want to accomplish in 2013? What will youContinue reading “DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN: 2013 Challenge”

THE BIG WEST. Watch it here.

Some months ago, I blogged about a short film I produced called THE BIG WEST. It was written and directed by young and upcoming filmmaker Gus Péwé. On Tuesday, at a local non-profit location, we premiered THE BIG WEST to our friends and family. The final cut was 15 minutes. With a micro-budget, friends forContinue reading “THE BIG WEST. Watch it here.”

Judgement Day, for writers.

They say Friday, the world is going to end. Scary stuff. But writers have bigger issues. Friday, I’m doing a mass send-out of my query letter in hopes of landing a sale. Big dreamer, I know. There is a sense of anxiety whenever you send out your material. This will never change. There is anContinue reading “Judgement Day, for writers.”

Grade your writing Productivity

I cannot emphasize “productivity” enough when it comes to writing. I stress to my readers how important it is to write everyday. I hope they listen. The only way anyone can write everyday, is by managing their time. I do this by writing out a daily schedule, hour by hour, every week.  I have neverContinue reading “Grade your writing Productivity”

Geniuses Finish

I can’t count how many writers I have come across, with great stories, great concepts and ideas, but nothing to show for it. They have nothing finished to present. “Geniuses Finish” — a quote I came across somewhere down the line. It has always stuck. I remember, whatever I do, no matter how bad theContinue reading “Geniuses Finish”