Writing Tool: Cook Timer

The cook timer is rarely used anymore. I have found a great use for mine. If you don’t have one, stop at your local Walmart and pick one up for $6. As a writer there are days of pure turmoil — where writing seems impossible. If you are as active writing as I am, thenContinue reading “Writing Tool: Cook Timer”

Treading through your first draft

The first draft can be the most fun and the most grueling all at the same time. I outlined. I researched. I inspected. I dug. I took notes and outlined some more. Thirty pages in — I’m hitting walls. Staring into thin air. I am stuck. What now? Where do I go from here? Where didContinue reading “Treading through your first draft”

Every writer needs a platform

If you build it, they will come. The writer’s platform is simple. The platform is designed to build your name and sell your product. Every writer needs one if they plan on financially supporting themselves through writing. Start building now. In this world of social networking, blogging and internet — marketing yourself has never beenContinue reading “Every writer needs a platform”

Writing Tool: The notecard

It’s very simple. Buy some note cards. Writing will suddenly become simple… I buy them in bulk at the Dollar Store. I use them like a mad man. I put them in a little box on my desk. Every time I need  one — There they are. -Outlining I write down each scene. I layContinue reading “Writing Tool: The notecard”

Home Stretch of 2012

2013 is upon us. The year-end of 2012 is nearing. Time flew and here we are. One year older. What did you do in 2012? What did you accomplish? What changes were made? What goals were met? Look back to 2011. Is this where you seen yourself? As we enter December I realize I haveContinue reading “Home Stretch of 2012”

Surround yourself with people who Inspire you.

It took me awhile to realize how important confidence is to my success. Especially in this world of screenwriting. Some say you should find people who challenge you — Put you down or make you question yourself. Therefore you’ll strive and work harder to prove them wrong… This causes nothing but self-doubt. You need toContinue reading “Surround yourself with people who Inspire you.”

No Pain No Gain: How to know you want it

There’s a certain guilt we all receive when we don’t live up to our own expectations. When this happens it’s a clear indication that we care about our art. This guilt is the fuel to achieve a better tomorrow — The want to strive and continue to improve. I’ve taken days off. I find aContinue reading “No Pain No Gain: How to know you want it”

A hard copy for Rewrites

Before you start your rewrites. Get a hard copy. I see things on a hard copy, I never seen on the computer.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I can see my work much clearer. The words register better. A hard copy is a must. This also gives you room to jot notesContinue reading “A hard copy for Rewrites”

Tool for Inspiration: Newspaper

Ever heard that saying  “You can’t make this stuff up” Well it’s true. Sometimes stories just don’t sound real. They are so absurd and outlandish, that you couldn’t make that shit up. For great outlandish stories that you can turn into your next screenplay or novel, check the newspaper. The newspaper is full of stories.Continue reading “Tool for Inspiration: Newspaper”

Write before bed and sleep like a Baby

This goes for day writers. I realize many of you just find time to write when you can.  I write during the day; I have found a major problem with this practice. Ever lay in bed, your mind wandering with ideas? You sit there trying to sleep, and trying NOT to forget these ideas– becauseContinue reading “Write before bed and sleep like a Baby”