Choosing Your Next Story

Ever heard how writing is about making choices?  Choices in your character action, moments in a scene, plot points. Whatever it is, you have to make choices. Sometimes big, sometimes small — either way they are crucial. The same goes for choosing your next story. I hang a note card near my desk that readsContinue reading “Choosing Your Next Story”

How to catch the writing bug and How to keep it alive.

The writing bug is rare, hard to find and few writers ever catch it. But when they do, it’s tough to keep alive. Some have successfully kept their writing bug alive for years, bringing on success. Some only have it for only short periods and others never find it. I found this bug. It’s beenContinue reading “How to catch the writing bug and How to keep it alive.”

Be all that you can be — On just one thing.

“I’m a poet, musician, actor, producer, director, writer, chef, fisherman.” Have you seen this? I’m sure you have… There seems to be a lot of multi-talented people out there. And that’s great. I do not hate. But it annoys me. I’m a believer in perfecting one talent. It’s your job to choose which one bestContinue reading “Be all that you can be — On just one thing.”

Write one. Rewrite the last. Outline the next.

Oh how times have changed. Remember when you were only working on one thing? The last I remember, it was in high school, on a science project; I concentrated on that baby for a week. It turned out pretty good. Yeah those days are over. I’ve heard this a lot — Many writers work onContinue reading “Write one. Rewrite the last. Outline the next.”

Embrace the Blank Page.

I’m an explorer, telling a story.  This blank page is my map and I can draw it any way I want. I’ve come across a lot of advice on facing the ” blank page”. The fear and how to overcome it. I say — Why are writers so scared of the blank page? To me,Continue reading “Embrace the Blank Page.”

Treat it like a job and it becomes a job.

I once posted about making writing an obligation to yourself. I compared it to the day job and how having this obligation to work and make money makes it a lot easier to get things done. When that’s what I’ve done with writing. Not only do I set a schedule for my daily writing goals,Continue reading “Treat it like a job and it becomes a job.”

THE BIG WEST trailer. It’s an Indie Western

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a special blog about a movie I was producing called the THE BIG WEST. Well now I’m here to present to you all — the first trailer. Watching it, it’s hard to believe it’s only a short film. As you can tell, this is no average western tale.Continue reading “THE BIG WEST trailer. It’s an Indie Western”

Forced words are better than no words.

I come across a lot of writers that love to write. They are talented, gifted individuals who work hard at what they do. It’s really too bad what they do — isn’t writing at all. Hey, I know how they feel. Too busy. Got other things to do. It’s hard to sit down and write.Continue reading “Forced words are better than no words.”

Always be Writing

They say a writer never stops writing. I can relate. And you should too. Whatever I ‘m doing, I’m looking for a  story. If I’m working the day job, at a family gathering, at a restaurant eating, showering, shooting hoops, whatever it is — I try to relate back to my writing. I’m always inContinue reading “Always be Writing”

Invest in yourself. Invest in your career.

Ever heard the phrase, ” It takes money, to make money” ? I understand that now. As a writer I need certain things. Okay, maybe I don’t need them, but I want them. I want coffee. I want a nice keyboard. A fast computer. A chair with good lumbar support. I believe these things willContinue reading “Invest in yourself. Invest in your career.”