THE BIG WEST. It’s an Indie Western.

Earlier this summer I went to a fellow film making friend of mine, Mr. Gus Péwé, and told him that I would like to invest and produce his next movie — It was called THE BIG WEST. The script, I got to say it, was nothing special. Nothing to flip a lid about. It wasContinue reading “THE BIG WEST. It’s an Indie Western.”

That’s a good idea, right? — Premature story pitching

You got this plot line. Oh you love it. It’s great. Original. Exciting. You have to tell someone. RIGHT NOW! As soon as the words come out of your mouth, you realize you have nothing. You can see it in the person’s face. It sucks. That original, exciting idea, suddenly deflates. Next time this happens,Continue reading “That’s a good idea, right? — Premature story pitching”

Hire your own personal boss or Be your own boss. The choice is yours.

I’m in search of someone who can be my own personal boss. He or she would be like any other normal boss. Demanding. Inspiring. Downright straight to the point. See if I had my own personal boss, I work get so much more work done. The obligation to work would become so much easier —Continue reading “Hire your own personal boss or Be your own boss. The choice is yours.”

You Have No Time? I Call Bullshit.

Months and months ago I was only writing when I had time. But the truth is, I had plenty of time. I just wasn’t using it to write. At all. I come across this excuse way too much. Writers who don’t write, that say they don’t have time. Or someone who wants to write, orContinue reading “You Have No Time? I Call Bullshit.”

How to Take Guilt Free Naps.

In some interview of Robert Kirkman, writer of “The Walking Dead”, when asked about his writing habits before he became successful, he said ” be prepared to sleep as little as possible”. He still had his day job, he would write whenever he could, staying up late, waking up early and so forth. If you’reContinue reading “How to Take Guilt Free Naps.”

Progress Makes Perfect.

I cleaned out my desk the other day. Where deep in back I had some screenplays that I had written a couple years back, when I first attempted to write movies. I think writers are always changing. If you look at some of the most famous authors, you’ll see their writing change through out theirContinue reading “Progress Makes Perfect.”

Saving your work. The obsessive paranoia of a corrupt file

I couldn’t imagine what it was like for a writer to save their work before computers. Imagine how devastating a fire could had been or a flood….oh lord. Now with the advances in computers and memory storage, writer’s seem a little bit less paranoid of losing their work to a catastrophic disaster. Well then again…Continue reading “Saving your work. The obsessive paranoia of a corrupt file”

Handy Dandy Notebook; it’s something “Blue’s Clues” taught me.

If you were a kid in the late nineties to the early…. 2000’s or whatever, then you’re familiar with the show Blue’s Clues. It was decent show; that was until Steve left and his brother took over…. There was a good lesson I took from that show and I think everyone else should too… and it wasn’tContinue reading “Handy Dandy Notebook; it’s something “Blue’s Clues” taught me.”

One of the hardest jobs.

If you’re a struggling writer like myself, you understand where I come from when I say writing is tough. It’s a struggle everyday. It’s not like I wake up in the morning and sit by the window and the words just flow out. The inspiration just over comes me! So artistic! No it’s nothing likeContinue reading “One of the hardest jobs.”

Selling a spec is a lot like fishing.

Selling a spec screenplay is a lot like fishing. I had just done a mass send out of query letters for my latest screenplay. I had received multiple rejections immediately days following. This in the fishing world, were line tangles. They happen quickly and although frustrating, you somehow manage to untangle the line and keepContinue reading “Selling a spec is a lot like fishing.”